What is Shop Pay? Its Benefits, Setup & Example Stores [2023] (2023)

Everything’s getting faster in eCommerce, and “checkout” is no exception!

When a customer is on the checkout page, all you want them to do is hit that Pay now button and complete their purchase.

If they exit the checkout page, most likely, you may lose the sale.

So, it’s crucial to have a seamless checkout experience for your store’s sales and conversions. And that’s where Shop Pay can be your solution.

In this blog post, we’ll be covering important questions like what is Shop Pay and is it safe, what are the benefits of using Shop Pay, and one of its crucial features, Shop Pay Installments.

What is Shop Pay?

Shop Pay is a payment method that helps customers with a faster checkout experience on Shopify stores by allowing them to securely save their email address, payment and billing details for future purchases.

This can enhance the customer experience by saving their time, especially for the customers who've already opted in to Shop Pay through any Shopify store.

Upon opting-in by a customer, Shop Pay securely encrypts and stores the following details so that the customer won’t have to fill it again during future checkouts:

  • Email address
  • Shipping Address
  • Billing Address
  • Credit Card Information
  • Phone Number

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During checkout, customers have the option to either complete the payment through Express checkout or manually fill in all the required fields and then complete the payment.

How Does Shop Pay Work?

When filling in the payment and shipping details during checkout, customers can opt-in to save their information with Shop Pay. So, whenever they check out at any Shopify store in the future, they can auto-fill the necessary information by simply providing their email address and the SMS verification code.

During checkout, customers are offered the Remember me option to save their information for future checkouts. However, a customer must insert an email address in the given field at checkout.

Customers who insert only the phone number and not the email address won’t be offered the Remember me option, meaning they won’t be able to save their information. Shop Pay allows your customers to save up to 10 credit cards and a maximum of 20 shipping addresses.

Cards Accepted by Shop Pay:

  • Visa/Visa Debit
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Other cards supported by you as an online store owner

To use the supported cards on Shop Pay, customers need to ensure the following aspects:

  • Customers must activate their cards before using them with Shop Pay.
  • Customers must have the billing information matching the bank account on file.Example: The zip code in the billing address must match the one that is on the bank account.
  • Some prepaid cards may not be supported by Shop Pay. Thus, customers need to ensure that they are using a supported debit or credit card.

Does Shop Pay check the credit score or impact the credit score?

When a customer selects the option to pay for the order with four biweekly payment installments, the customer’s credit score won’t be impacted.

However, if a customer selects the option to pay for the order with monthly payments, and fails to make those payments on time, the customer’s credit score might get impacted. In other words, the monthly payment option does have the possibility of impacting the customer’s credit score.

Is Shop Pay Safe?

Yes, Shop Pay is completely safe and secure for your customers.

Since Shop Pay deals with the sensitive information of your customers, it’s quite understandable to have a such question about security. However, Shopify is known to be one of the best eCommerce platforms because of its high safety and security standards.

Shopify is a PCI-Compliant Company

Shopify is certified to be Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. PCI DSS stands for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, which is a security standard for companies that deal with credit and debit card details.

By default, all Shopify stores are automatically PCI compliant. When customers opt-in to save their information for future checkouts, it is encrypted and stored securely on Shopify’s PCI-compliant servers.

Added Security with Shop Pay Verification Code

On top of the above security measures, the SMS verification codes also add a layer to security by ensuring that Shop Pay is used by the account holder only.

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Shop Pay Reviews & Benefits of Shop Pay

Overall, if you look at Shop Pay holistically, it has a mix of positive and negative reviews from different merchants. That said, many Shopify merchants have leveraged this tool and have talked about how their business has benefited from it.

Shop Pay is not a mandatory payment method but an optional one. So, you have the flexibility to keep it or remove it. However, you should definitely consider all the benefits that come with Shop Pay before making the final decision.

Here’s one of the tweets about Shop Pay from Harley Finkelstein - President of Shopify:

<Tweet Link>

So, let’s take a look a look at the benefits of Shop Pay to see how it can help your business:

Enhance Customer Experience

    With Shop Pay, customers won’t have to insert all their details every time they want to buy something from your store. Shop Pay makes the checkout process 4 times faster than regular checkouts.

    Thus, Shop Pay helps customers save valuable time and it can enhance their shopping experience.

    Increase your Average Order Value

      Since Shop Pay makes it easier for customers to purchase expensive products with installments, it also increases your average order value (AOV).

      During the early access of Shop Pay Installments, it was found that 25% of merchants had a 50% higher average order value compared to other payment options.

      Boost Your Conversion Rate

        Shop Pay Installments can help boost your store’s conversion rates. Shopify store owners who switched from a third-party solution to Shop Pay Installments for the ‘buy now, pay later’ offer, noticed 28% fewer cart abandonments.

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        When you visit Spanx’s product page, you can see the Shop Pay Installments offer right below the CTA (Call to Action) button. By informing your customers about this convenient payment option, you can increase your conversion rate.

        Pro tip:

        If you are selling expensive products on your store, you can also promote Shop Pay Installments by adding a great copy inside a banner. This will help you highlight the Shop Pay Installments on top of the homepage as well as other store page.

        Leverage a Vast Consumer Network in the US

          With a combination of Shop Pay and Shop (Shopify’s shopping assistant app), you can access a huge customer base. In fact, millions of US customers are already making purchases through Shop Pay and using the Shop app to track their shipments on a real-time basis.

          On average, 43% of customers already use Shop Pay as their preferred checkout method.

          Gain the Trust of Your Customers

            Customers can take advantage of interest-free installment payments without worrying about any additional hidden charges or late fees. By providing complete transparency through Affirm and enhanced security of Shopify, store owners can build trust with customers.

            Help Protecting the Environment

              By using Shop Pay at checkout, you can also contribute to the betterment of the environment. Yes, every time a customer completes a checkout with Shop Pay, it’s helping Shopify’s Sustainability Fund.

              These funds help support companies working on reversing climate change with their carbon removal project. A couple of examples of such companies are Planetary and Remora.

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              In 2020-2021, Shop Pay helped to protect 123.6 million at-risk trees in the Peruvian rainforest. The project was done with help from Pachama.

              How to Set Up Shop Pay on Your Shopify Store

              Activating Shop Pay on your Shopify store is quite easy!

              You can enable Shop Pay on your store with Shopify Payments as well as third-party payment gateways.

              Enable Shop Pay with Shopify Payments:

              1. Go to Shopify admin and click on Settings > Payments.

              2. Click on the Manage tab in the Shopify Payments section.

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              3.Scroll down to find the Shop Pay section under Payments and click on the checkbox.

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              4. Click the Save button to save your settings.

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              And that’s it! Your customer can start using the Shop Pay express checkout method.

              Enable Shop Pay with Third-Party Payment Gateways:

              By activating Shop Pay with third-party payment gateways, you can activate Shop Pay’s accelerated checkout on your online store, Facebook, and Instagram.

              Important note: To activate Shop Pay with a third-party payment gateway, your online store should be in the United States and it must meet all the Shopify Payment requirements.

              1. Go to your Shopify admin, and then click on Settings > Payments.
              2. Then, click on the Manage tab in your third-party payment provider’s section.

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              3.Under the Shop Pay section, check the Enable Shop Pay checkbox and then click Save.

              4. Click on Complete set up, and fill in all the necessary details about your store and banking details. Once done, click the Save button.

              Important notes:

              • It’s necessary for you to complete the Shop Pay setup with your business information and banking details so that you can receive your payouts.
              • If you activate Shop Pay without completing the set-up, you must complete it within 21 days from the day you receive your first payment via Shop Pay.
              • If you fail to complete the set-up within the given period of 21 days, all payments received through Shop Pay would be automatically refunded to the respective customers.

              Who accepts Shop Pay?

              There are many top brands that use or accept the Shop Pay payment method. Here are a few examples for your reference:

              Olaplex - Hair Care Brand

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              Olaplex is one of the biggest independent hair care brands globally that has more than 100 worldwide patents for its products. Olaplex offers Shop Pay as one of the express checkout options along with Amazon Pay, PayPal, and G Pay.

              Dossier - Luxury Perfume Brand

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              Dossier is a brand with a mission to make premium fragrances available to all, and that's why this brand offers luxury perfumes for men and women at fair prices. Dossier uses Shop Pay.

              What is Shop Pay? Its Benefits, Setup & Example Stores [2023] (11)

              Gymshark - Gym Clothing Brand

              What is Shop Pay? Its Benefits, Setup & Example Stores [2023] (12)

              Gymshark is one of the most popular brands powered by Shopify. The brand offers gym clothing items, essentials, and accessories for men and women.

              Important notes: While Gymshark does use Shop Pay as one of the accelerated payment methods, it is to be noted that the brand uses Klarna and Afterpay for installment payments instead of Shop Pay Installments.

              What is Shop Pay? Its Benefits, Setup & Example Stores [2023] (13)

              What is Shop Pay? Its Benefits, Setup & Example Stores [2023] (14)

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              What is Shop Pay Installments and How Does it Work?

              Shop Pay Installments is a “Buy now, pay later” payment method available to Shopify merchants, powered by Affirm.

              If you’re using Shop Pay on your store, your customers can make a full payment for the order or divide the full amount into installment payments. To be eligible for installment payments, the order value must be between USD $50 and $17,500.

              Customers can select either of the following installment payment options:

              • Four biweekly payments that are interest-free and applicable for orders starting from USD $50 to $999.99.
              • Monthly installment payments are applicable for orders from USD $150 to $17,500. These are interest-bearing payments ranging from 10 to 36% APR (Annual Percentage Rate). It can be paid in a 3, 6, or 12 months period based on the order value.

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              Shop Pay Installments was launched in the US by Shopify in partnership with Affirm in June 2021.

              Here are Shopify’s eligibility criteria for using Shop Pay Installments:

              • You must be based in the United States.
              • Your selling currency needs to be USD.
              • Both Shopify Payments and Shop Pay must be activated.

              Reasons for Shop Pay Installments account suspension:

              If you're using Shop Pay Installments, keep in mind that your store may be periodically reviewed by Affirm to ensure it's in compliance with their policy for prohibited businesses.
              If your store is found to be breaching its policy, Shop Pay Installments could be suspended for your store. Here are some of the examples that may lead to your Shop Pay Installment account suspension:

              • Your online store is password-protected.
              • Your store’s primary currency is not set as USD.
              • Your store’s primary language is not English.
              • There’s no active online website for your Shopify store.
              • You’re primarily operating a Business-to-Business (B2B) service business.
              • Your store is involved in any of the following: Gambling, financial services, or any other business category not supported by Affirm.
              • Your store is selling regulated products such as tobacco, alcohol, or drug paraphernalia.
              • Your store is selling restricted products such as weapons, currencies, or adult toys.

              Top Stores that Accept Shop Pay Installments

              Spanx - Clothing Brand

              What is Shop Pay? Its Benefits, Setup & Example Stores [2023] (16)
              What is Shop Pay? Its Benefits, Setup & Example Stores [2023] (17)

              Kelley Baker Brows - Brow Products & Training

              What is Shop Pay? Its Benefits, Setup & Example Stores [2023] (18)
              What is Shop Pay? Its Benefits, Setup & Example Stores [2023] (19)

              Kelley Baker is one of the world-renowned brow experts who has experience working with many celebrity clients. Her private training package goes up to $2500 and Shop Pay makes it possible for the customers to divide this big amount into smaller installment payments.

              Vici - Clothing & Accessories

              What is Shop Pay? Its Benefits, Setup & Example Stores [2023] (20)

              What is Shop Pay? Its Benefits, Setup & Example Stores [2023] (21)

              Vici is a clothing brand with a mission to make on-trend styles instantly available and affordable for women. What’s interesting is that Vici offers its customers not just one but three different payment options for installments, i.e., Shop Pay, Klarna, and Afterpay.

              Shop Pay vs Afterpay vs PayPal - What’s the difference?

              Is Shop Pay and Afterpay the same? Well, not quite. Shop Pay and AfterPay may sound like similar payment methods but they aren’t exactly the same.

              One of the popular Shopify stores, Kylie Cosmetics, uses Afterpay.

              What is Shop Pay? Its Benefits, Setup & Example Stores [2023] (22)

              What is Shop Pay? Its Benefits, Setup & Example Stores [2023] (23)At Kylie Cosmetics, customers can use Afterpay for any orders between $1-$2000. Thus, customers can take advantage of interest-free payments even for small orders less than $50.

              Some store owners may also be interested in knowing the comparison of Shop Pay vs PayPal. So, we decided to make your job much easier by comparing these 3 widely-used payment methods.

              Key PointsShop PayAfterpayPayPal
              What is it?Shop Pay is an accelerated checkout solution that allows Shopify stores’ customers to save their email, payment, and billing details for future purchases.Afterpay is a “buy now, pay later” payment solution that is somewhat similar to Shop Pay Installments. It allows customers to make payments in installments with four equal and interest-free installments.In the context of Shopify, PayPal is an additional payment method that lets customers make payments through their credit cards, buyer credits, bank accounts, and PayPal account balance.
              Installment PaymentsYes - it can be added with Shop Pay Installments.Yes - it’s the core feature.Not available.
              HistoryShop Pay was launched by Shopify in 2017, in partnership with Affirm - which is a US-based company that was launched in 2012.Afterpay is an Australia-based company that was founded in 2014, and thus, it's relatively new in the market.Founded in 1998, PayPal is a US-based company that’s been in the market of digital payments for over two decades.
              Fees for Store OwnersTo enable Shop Pay, there's no fee. However, if you’re offering Shop Pay Installments, there's a 5-6% fee for each transaction.Afterpay has commission fees of around 4-6% + $0.30 per transaction. On top of that, recently, Shopify has started charging a 2% commission on payments made through Afterpay.Selling in the US: 2.9% of the transaction + a flat fee of $0.30 USD Outside of the US: 4.4% of the transaction + a fixed fee depending on the currency

              Learn more: Shopify Payments vs. Paypal: What's Best for You in 2023?

              What are the alternatives to Shop Pay?

              If you’re looking for other payment methods for express checkout, there are some alternatives to Shop Pay that you may consider.

              Apple Pay

              You can enable the Apple Pay payment option on your Shopify store. Apple Pay also offers an accelerated checkout experience to your customers.

              When a customer makes the order payment through Apple Pay, they are not required to manually fill in their credit card info and shipping details.

              Once the customer taps the Apple Pay button, they just need to scan their fingerprint and Apple Pay takes care of providing the necessary details to the payment provider.

              To enable the Apple Pay payment method on your Shopify store, you must have one of the below-mentioned credit card payment providers:

              • Shopify Payments
              • Stripe
              • First Data Payeezy
              • Authorize.net
              • CyberSource
              • Braintree

              Also, your domain’s SSL certification must be activated and you must follow Apple’s Acceptable of Use Guidelines.

              Google Pay

                Google Pay also allows your customers to securely process the payment through an accelerated checkout. Just like Shop Pay and Apple Pay, when your customers make payments through Google Pay, they won’t need to enter their credit card and shipping details.

                In this case, the customer just needs to tap the Google Pay button, and the rest is taken care of by Google Pay. For enabling Google Pay on your Shopify store, your must be using Shopify Payments.

                Final Thoughts on Shop Pay

                Customers expect a seamless experience while shopping online. Whether it’s your website’s load speed or the checkout process, they don’t want to keep waiting.

                Shop Pay is one of the great ways to make it easy and fast for your customers to complete the checkout process. Whether you’re looking to start a brand new Shopify store or want to enhance the customer experience on your existing Shopify store, you should definitely check out Shop Pay.

                With all that said, keep in mind that Shop Pay is not the only option and there are alternatives as well. In the eCommerce industry, it’s common to test different options or run A/B testing to see which one works the best.

                Note: Please know the fees and some other requirements mentioned in this article is subject to change from time to time.

                What is Shop Pay? Its Benefits, Setup & Example Stores [2023] (24)

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                FAQs about Shop Pay

                Is there a fee to use Shop Pay?

                All Shopify merchants that are using Shopify Payments are provided with the Shop Pay feature automatically—with no additional fees. However, if you’re offering Shop Pay Installments, you need to pay around a 5-6% fee for each transaction.

                What is the shop pay customer service number?

                Currently, Shop Pay doesn’t offer the option of a phone call or live chat for customer service. First, you may try searching for the required information at Shop Help Center. And if you’re still not able to find the needed information, you can submit your query or concern to Shop Pay by filling out the contact form.

                What is the difference between Shop Pay and Afterpay?

                Both Shop Pay and Afterpay lets customers make installment payments. But for Shopify merchants, the key difference is that Shop Pay is powered by Shopify itself in partnership with Affirm; whereas Afterpay is a third-party service.This also makes difference in its fee structures. Shop Pay Installments has a 5-6% fee for each transaction. Afterpay has commission fees of around 4-6% $0.30 per transaction 2% commission from Shopify.

                What is the price limit for Shop Pay Installments?

                Shop Pay Installments is available for any orders between the price range of USD $50 to $17,500.

                What is Shop Pay verification code?

                A Shop Pay verification code is a 6-digit code that is sent to a customer’s phone number via text message at the time of checkout. This code ensures that the payment is being made by the actual account holder. Once the customer inserts this code on the checkout page, Shop Pay processes the payment transaction.


                What is shop Pay and how does it work? ›

                Shop Pay is an accelerated checkout that lets customers save their email address, credit card, and shipping and billing information. This can save your customers time when they check out, especially if they've already opted in to Shop Pay on any Shopify store.

                What benefit is it using shop Pay? ›

                Shop Pay for Sellers

                Offering Shop Pay could greatly increase your sales too. Shop Pay Installments gives your buyers buy now, pay later options. This is something to consider as 65% of online shoppers say these options make them more likely to purchase goods online.

                How much does shop Pay charge merchants? ›

                Those who opt to use Shop Pay can make four interest-free installments, or monthly installments spread across 12 months. However, Shop Pay installments only apply to orders between $50 and $3,000, and the merchant pays a 5% to 6% fee on each transaction.

                What is the difference between shop Pay and Shopify payments? ›

                But they are different things. In a nutshell, Shopify Payments is the backend that you see, as the merchant. Shop Pay (which used to be called Shopify Pay) is the easy “buy it now” button that your customers see on the frontend.

                Is shop pay free to use? ›

                Who is eligible for Shop Pay? Any merchant using Shopify Payments gets Shop Pay automatically—no additional fees.

                Does shop pay hold on your account? ›

                To prevent fraud, Shopify will temporarily hold your funds until they can confirm the accuracy of your payment information.

                What is the minimum to use shop pay? ›

                Orders need to be between 50 USD and 17,500 USD, including shipping and taxes. If you change your Shop Pay phone number, then you also need to update your phone number with Affirm before you can pay for another purchase using Shop Pay Installments.

                Do you pay monthly with shop pay? ›

                Four, biweekly, interest-free payments, for orders from 50 USD to 999.99 USD. Monthly payments for orders from 150 USD to 17,500 USD. Monthly installment orders are interest-bearing from 10 to 36% APR, and may be paid in three, six, or twelve months depending on the purchase amount.

                How often do you pay with shop pay? ›

                After you make your first payment at checkout, you'll be charged either biweekly or monthly, depending on the installment payment option you chose. You'll be reminded by email and SMS text (if applicable) before each payment is charged to your card.

                Is shop pay better than PayPal? ›

                Shop Pay can be a more cost-effective option than PayPal, depending on your budget. PayPal charges a flat fee of 2.9% of the transaction amount plus US$0.30 per transaction. With Shop Pay, you'll pay credit card fees for each transaction as a percentage of your plan: 2.4% to 2.9% plus 30 cents.

                Is shop pay safe for customers? ›

                Shop Pay is safe and secure. Your customer's information is encrypted and securely stored on Shopify's PCI compliant servers. And, the SMS verification codes ensure that only the account owner can check out using Shop Pay.

                How many payments can you have on shop pay? ›

                There's no limit to the amount you can accept each month or per transaction through Shopify Payments, and your funds are transferred to your bank account on the same schedule, regardless of volume. In rare cases, we might request an additional reserve.

                What happens if you miss a payment on shop pay? ›

                There are no late fees for customers who miss a scheduled payment. However, partial payments or late payments might impact your credit score, or your eligibility to use Shop Pay Installments in the future. If you have questions about a missed installment payment, then you can contact Affirm support for assistance.

                Is it safe to pay through Shopify? ›

                Shopify Payments is Safe and Secure

                However, Shopify Payments is one of the most secure payment processors available. Shopify uses 128-bit SSL encryption technology to protect your customers' information during checkout. They also use Fraud Defender, which helps prevent fraudulent transactions in your store.

                Is Shopify payments expensive? ›

                There are no transaction fees for stores using Shopify Payments. If you choose a third-party payment provider, there will be additional fees of 2%, 1% or 0.5% for our Basic Shopify, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify plans, respectively.

                How do I checkout with shop Pay? ›

                To pay with Shop Pay Installments in store:

                Scan the QR code and log in or create an account for Shop Pay. Make sure “Pay in installments” is selected as the payment method, review your purchase, and tap Continue. Select your desired payment plan from the options you are eligible for and tap Continue.

                Who does shop pay go through? ›

                You get paid by Affirm and your payouts are sent to the same bank account that you use for Shopify Payments.

                Does shop pay show up on credit? ›

                When using Shop Pay installments, there will be no impact to your credit score since Affirm doesn't conduct a hard credit pull or report to the credit bureaus. However, late payments and non-payments may affect your ability to pay with Shop Pay installments in the future.

                What is the most secure way to pay in store? ›

                4 Most Secure Payment Methods
                • ACH debit.
                • Debit and credit cards.
                • Payment apps.
                • eChecks.

                Why is shop Pay declining my card? ›

                Check that your billing info matches your bank info on file. For example, the zip code needs to match the billing address. Make sure that you're using a supported debit or credit card. For example, some prepaid cards aren't supported.

                Can you use shop to Pay on Amazon? ›

                After you set up your primary email account with Shop, you can connect your Amazon account. From the Account tab in Shop, tap Order tracking sources. Tap Connect Amazon, and then select the Amazon store that you're shopping from.

                What is the difference between shop Pay and Afterpay? ›

                Shop Pay's interest-free installment plans enable customers to pay for orders between $50 and $17,500 over 3-12 months, while Afterpay allows customers to pay in 4 no-extra-cost installment plans over 6 weeks. Therefore, they have some similarities, but they are not the same.

                How long do shop pay payouts take? ›

                But how long does Shopify take to payout future transactions? After your first payment, payouts in the US are typically sent three working days after the credit card company processes the order. The purchase amount will reflect in your merchant account within three days of receipt when the payment is processed.

                Why are shop pay installments on hold? ›

                Shopify sometimes classifies certain orders as being “risky.” If you have too many of these, it will trigger the “Payments on Hold” message. If there is a violation of Shopify's Terms of Service, that may place your payments on hold.

                Should I trust shop pay? ›

                Is Shop Pay safe? Yes, Shop Pay is safe. Customer payment details are encrypted and stored on Shopify's PCI-compliant servers, and only shared with a business if an order is placed.

                Does shop pay have an app? ›

                - Get carbon-neutral deliveries at no extra cost whenever you check out with Shop Pay. - Track all your online orders in one app.

                Why am I getting a text with a shop pay code? ›

                Have you received an unsolicited SMS containing Shop Pay verification code? Most likely someone typed your phone number by mistake. To opt-out, simply type your phone number in the field below and follow the instructions.

                Does shop pay sell your information? ›

                You're protected with Shop and Shop Pay

                Your data is only used to improve your experience—it's yours, and it's not for sale.

                What bank does Shopify use? ›

                Shopify Balance banking is backed by two FDIC-member banks: Evolve Bank & Trust and Celtic Bank.

                Do you need a bank account for Shopify? ›

                While you technically do not need a business bank account to use Shopify, it is generally recommended having a business bank account when starting or growing your ecommerce business.

                How many users does shop pay have? ›

                Shop Pay, Shopify's accelerated checkout method, launched in 2017 and has slowly made waves with more than 100M buyers using Shop Pay and Shop to purchase from Shopify stores. A seamless checkout process is essential for fast conversions and a better buying experience.

                What is the difference between Shop pay and Klarna? ›

                When you split the cost of your purchase into 4 smaller payments with Klarna, you'll never pay any interest. Ever. Shop Pay Installments gives you the option to pay in full at checkout, or to pay for your order over time. When available, Shop Pay Installments is a great option to help you maximize your budget.

                Does Shopify ask for SSN? ›

                In order to set up Shopify Payments, you need to enter your Tax ID, SSN, or SIN. If you don't have it or don't meet the requirements to use Shopify Payment, you can consider using some third-party payment providers such as Paypal, Stripe, etc to accept payments from customers. Hope this helps.

                Do you need a credit card for Shopify? ›

                Shopify offers a 14-day free trial. It requires no credit card to get started. At the end of the trial, users receive a prompt to select a plan and provide credit card information.

                Is it a good idea to use Shopify? ›

                Shopify works best for small businesses that want to create a true online shop instead of merely building a website with limited e-commerce functionality. You can sell both physical and digital products in your Shopify store.

                What is the monthly fee for Shopify? ›

                The standard Shopify plans range from $5 to $399 per month. Plus, there are transaction fees ranging from 0.5% to 2.9% + $0.30, depending on the transaction type and the Shopify plan. In addition, users have to pay for apps from the Shopify App Store, which can range from free to a few hundred dollars per month.

                What is the minimum monthly fee for Shopify? ›

                There are three main Shopify pricing plans to choose from. You have Basic Shopify at $29 per month, Shopify at $79 per month, and Advanced Shopify at $299 per month.

                What is Shopify 20% fee? ›

                A recurring commission equal to 20% of the merchant's monthly subscription fee. Recurs monthly as long as the merchant remains a paying Shopify customer and you remain an active Shopify Partner.

                Is paying through shop Pay safe? ›

                Shop Pay is safe and secure. Your customer's information is encrypted and securely stored on Shopify's PCI compliant servers. And, the SMS verification codes ensure that only the account owner can check out using Shop Pay.

                How do I Pay through shop Pay? ›

                To pay with Shop Pay Installments online:

                Choose to pay in installments and tap Continue. Select the installments option that best suits you. Choose a debit or credit card to use for payment, then tap Continue. Follow the steps to verify your identity—this usually takes just a few moments.

                What happens if you miss a payment on shop Pay? ›

                There are no late fees for customers who miss a scheduled payment. However, partial payments or late payments might impact your credit score, or your eligibility to use Shop Pay Installments in the future. If you have questions about a missed installment payment, then you can contact Affirm support for assistance.

                What is my shop pay limit? ›

                Shop Pay Installments offers customers the option to pay for their order in installments at checkout, both online and in store. Orders from 50 USD to 17,500 USD are eligible for installments payments.

                Can anybody use shop Pay? ›

                You must be over the age of 18, reside in the US, and be paying in USD to use Shop Pay Installments. Your credit scores aren't impacted if your purchase is split into 4 bi-weekly payments using Shop Pay Installments. If your purchase is split into monthly payments, then your payments may be reported to a credit bureau.

                How do I remove my credit card from shop Pay? ›

                You can save up to 10 credit cards, and 20 shipping addresses in your Shop Pay wallet.
                From the Account tab in Shop, tap the settings icon in the top right corner, and then tap Wallet.
                1. To add a credit card, tap the + button.
                2. To delete a credit card, tap on the credit card you'd like to delete, and then tap Delete.

                Does shop Pay take the first payment? ›

                After you make your first payment at checkout, you'll be charged either biweekly or monthly, depending on the installment payment option you chose. You'll be reminded by email and SMS text (if applicable) before each payment is charged to your card.

                What are the disadvantages of Afterpay? ›

                The cons of using Afterpay
                • Lack of consumer protection. According to the National Debt Helpline, BNPL lenders are not as strictly regulated as other kinds of lenders. ...
                • Potential to encourage impulse spending. ...
                • Late payment fees. ...
                • Potential negative impact on credit score.

                What is the difference between shop pay and Klarna? ›

                Shopify. Klarna Checkout is a complete payment solution where Klarna handles a store's entire checkout. Shopify is a subscription-based software that allows anyone to set up an online store and sell their products.


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